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We find ourselves at the crossroad of Marketing and Technology. Being at this position helps us to marry both marketing and technology to your advantage.

We are collaborative creatives with over 10 years combined experience in Brand Identity Systems Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

We position our clients at the top of a competitive world.


Brand identity design

Without the proper Brand Identity Design, your business will struggle standing out in a competitive market. Start your business the right way.

digital marketing

We ensure the right message reaches your target audience at the right time, while increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales.

Web Design

Armed with knowledge on multiple platforms, we design and build a website that establishes your business’ presence on the web.

Search engine optimization

The importance of SEO cannot be over-emphasized enough. With the internet being the first resource in finding anything, you’d want to make sure you’re found when your customers are searching.



STEVIE-MEDIA was instrumental in ranking us first on Google. They optimised our website with the right content which eventually ranked us number 1 in searches.

Abigail Owiredu

Synlab Ghana

These guys were instrumental in giving my business an image and a positioning. They created a logo, color scheme, and patterns. They exceeded all my expectations.

Owusu Bempa


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